Tracker Name MusicVids (MV)
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre Music-Videos
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Hard
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • MusicVids (MV) is a private tracker specialized in all kind of videos: dvdrips, web, youtube, masters, blurays etc for all Music genres.

  • Tracker got good content & speeds with EXCLUSIVE uploaded stuffs that you can't find anywhere & prohibited to be uploaded elsewhere , also allows its users to post full music-video DVDs and documentaries of music artists/bands. But HEY! ONLY ~850 users has access to this AWESOME site with MORE THAN ~45000 torrents!

  • Maintain ratio is hard as :
    - No bonus points system there!
    - Rarely , a newly uploaded torrent set to be freeleech. Even more rarely there's freeleech period for 1-2 weeks (like Christmas & New Year Freeleech)
    - Seedbox is a MUST ! should upload your own stuffs to get good standings there.

  • Freeleech torrents are categorized as Golden torrents & are available throughout the site and are marked with " Golden round circle " after the title of the music videos , downloading golden torrents doesn't count towards your download but the upload is counted. The downside is that you cannot search for golden torrents on the browse page.

  • Forums are quite active with the topics divided into relevant sub-forums with nice collection of tutorials aid you in gaining your perfect music tracker experience.

  • Invites are available with the reputed members of the site who are either involved with the site work (staff) or atleast have to be a VIP & this one is under-staffs discretion (No invitations granted upon donating)!

  • IMO , this is a very nice tracker where you can find a lot of music videos new or old and that too in a very good quality due to the standards set by the trackers moderators to maintain the quality of the site . People who think Youtube is a better option for download should once give this tracker a try and get to know what it feels like to have your favorite videos in the highest quality avaialble on the entire internet.

  • Just my last 2 cents , MV community is so closed , their staffs ban a LOT . I don't know why the F*ck ! .
    Let the people join you easily to love you more !

  • At last , i hope you'll like my review guys . Leaving you with screenshots




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Pre-Time -/10
Speed 8/10
Content 8/10
Community 8/10
OverAll 8/10

This is an EXCLUSIVE 2021 Review, by FreshWater