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Thread: | MTV | TV - Movies | 2019 Review

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    400 (100%) | MTV | TV - Movies | 2019 Review | MTV | TV - Movies | 2019 Review

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    MoreThan.TV, Also Known As MTV has successfully completed its fourth year after tracker first launch in 2014 by adding many new features and with a remarkable increase in its members database and content. Tracker name indicates the truth that content covers more than TV shows and that is proven clearly with growing of movies section. Both SCENE and P2P movies resourced from many reputable HD trackers like, AwesomeHD, HD-Torrents, BeyondHD and M-Team TP are being uploaded with very good pre times and very fast speeds. Speeds are very good even for the old torrents thanks to many seedboxes used by faithful members and the tracker itself has a dedicated 40 TB seed server to ensure all members can download with full speed. MoreThan.TV is now a reliable home for many Movies and TV lovers due to many factors such as security, friendly helping stuff, good active community, easy, stylish and modern interface, active forums and above all it is both RATIO FREE and HIT&RUNFREE tracker. Unlike other trackers, MTVrarely suffers from DDOS attacks thanks to good security implemented.It has two internal teams for both Movies and TV shows DRACULA and GBL which are well know for very good quality and since MTV doesn't prohibit uploading its internal to other trackers, many of them are being uploaded to other reputable HD and general private trackers. Immediately after new TV shows are being aired you can grab them from MTV with various qualities like WEB-DL, HD, SD and complete season packs which come unrared. Community is great helpful and very active in both uploading and seeding, also their request section is quite active. Many changes have been done in the past two years that helped the tracker to be among the highest level trackers like moving to Ratio Free system using Gazelle script, developing new invites system, adding new seed servers regularly and not adding too many strict rules.The whole tracker interface is mainly English as well as the forums and they have sub-forums in different languages. You can find many beautiful, attractive and stylish themes to choose from and they add new ones regularly. Forum and WIKI sections are very rich with helpful subjects and very good tutorials covering almost all bit torrent issues. Invites are rare but this is normal with all high level trackers to ensure that only good and worthy members can join.






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    Speed 9/10
    Pretimes 9/10
    Content 9/10
    Community 9/10
    Overall 9/10

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    I highy recommend MTV. This is a tracker that goes by a gentlemens code when it comes to seeding. There is no strict ratio, seeding requirements, but they simply ask that you seed back for as long as you personally can without limiting upload speeds. They put trust in the community to keep content alive and in-turn everyone benefits. The fact that they rely on a gentlemens code speaks a lot about the MTV community, which is a close knit passionate community.

    One of my favorite things about this tracker is the adopt the show scheme, where regular users can adopt any torrent they like (as long as it hasn't already been adopted multiple times), which means that you vow to continously seed that torrent and make it available long-term for the community. In return you gain points which can be redeemed for various things, and you gain a hearty feeling for keeping content you value alive.

    This is a must-have tracker!

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