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Tracker Description

  • MMA-Tracker is an old private tracker that specialises in Mixed Martial Arts content only. This is by far the best MMA tracker to date.

  • MMA-Tracker recently launched a new betting system. You can bet 1GB on upcoming fights, guessing who the winner is going to be. For instance you can bet on Donald Cerrone beating Robert Whittaker at odds 1.65 which means that if Donald wins you get 1.65GB for that bet.

  • Pre times are great for the MMA events, you can find UFC/Bellator/BJJ/Kickboxing/Instructors and more quality MMA content.

  • The community is rather active and extremely friendly, you can discuss future/past UFC events on the forums and share your thoughts on the fights.

  • Maintaining ratio is fairly easy as they have a bonus system and also some half-leech and free-leech torrents.

  • They also have a very nice time-line for MMA events worldwide so you can keep track on that, and a News section for all recent MMA news.

  • "As for now, invites are a mystical creature, just be happy if you see one." - From my experience, it's not too hard to get invites on MMA, but you never really know when you're going to get them.

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Pre Times 8/10
Community 8/10
Content 9/10
Speed 8/10
Overall Rating 8/10