Tracker Name MMA-Torrents
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre Sports(Mixed-Martial Arts)
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Bonus System NA
Tracker Signup Invite only
Social media profiles FaceBook
Maintaining Ratio Easy


MMA-Torrents is a Private tracker dedicated for MMA/Mixed Martial Arts and for many people one of the best in this stuff, tracker got +55k torrents

for Maintain good ratio you can: freeleech torrents and seed them long time
2.donate to become MMAVIP and have an initial ratio boost given, typically 25 GB's and 2 months of VIP plus 1 invite
3.use seedbox and get new torrents as soon as they are uploaded

New torrents that you have downloaded should be seeded to a minimum of share ratio of 0.4 before removing them from your torrent client, After downloading you should always strive to seed for minimum 48 hours what you have downloaded. "Hit n Run" is punished with ban. If you have an exceptional ratio on the torrent in question a premature removal is accepted,When your ratio drops below 0.4 you will get a warning ,you have 2 weeks to improve your ratio. If you fail to do so in 2 weeks your account will be auto disabled.

You can gain access to the tracker by getting invited by a friend who is a member or by donating to become VIP, invites are given to Power user class and up ranks.










Pre-times 7.5
Speed 7.5
Content 7.5
Community 7
Overall 7.5