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Tracker Name MilitaryZone
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Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Free
Seed Difficulty N/A
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

- MilitaryZone is a simple machines forum for defense and military related material.

- This forum is a must have if you are a military enthusiast or a modeler.

- Search through audibooks, ebooks, modeling and posters.

- All files are hosted offsite by cloud services such as MEGA, media fire etc. Just copy and paste the share link in your browser no need for torrent clients.

- There are obviously no seed or ratio requirements as everything is by offsite downloading.

- Forum stats are 653 members, 50,414 posts, 24,888 topics and 116 online boards.

- All new accounts require admin approval before they can sign in. Make sure you check your emails as to not miss signup!

- Ebooks-Shares is a 'friend' of this forum. Unsure if they are the same owner but play it safe in case they cross disable accounts




Pretimes -
Community 7/10
Content 7/10
Speed 7/10
Tracker Rating 7/10