Tracker Name LinkoManija
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre General
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • (LM) is one of the largest private general trackers in Lithuania , content is in English with a mixture of russian.

  • To encourage members to stay safely at home , LinkoManija decided from the a rise of the CoViD-19 at march to set all torrents to 0 download count & 2x double the upload count .. should be stopped at the END of march but they extended this until things return back normally in country!

  • Tracker got App. 308K registered users & about 113K uploaded torrents with nice speeds & pre-times.

  • They also have one dedicated section for unmoderated torrents called (Zone 5). This section is very active because torrents uploaded in this section are neutral so upload/download won't count at all.

  • Maintaining ratio is easy as :
    - Got freeleech torrents uploaded daily.
    - No points system , but having (Zone5) section to get any stuffs you want without being worried about ratio.
    - No hit & run system !

  • The site is mainly in Lithuanian with some english translations for section titles and they also have an english section in forums.

  • In general , (LM) is one of the oldest private trackers, celebrating it's 15th year. but if you need a BRUTAL general tracker & best of the best , then you must head for (IPTorrents) instead!

  • Hope you'll like the review , leaving you with screenshots





Zone5 Torrents


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Pre-Time -/10
Speed 6/10
Content 7/10
Community 7/10
OverAll 6/10