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About: (LM) is one of the oldest private trackers, celebrating it's 12th year. LM is Lithuanian General private tracker. Contains lots of freeleech mainstream, local, English, Russian content. LM has very strong community as well. Speed is fast and mostly torrents stays alive for long. Since LM is one of the oldest trackers so it has some legal history as well. In 2009 Microsoft sued LM and litigation made LM not to host microsoft's content on there tracker. Apart of that there is no Porn here as well. US netizens may receive DMCA notice using LM as many guys have claimed that (Since LM is Lithuanian and non-english tracker so they don't give a damn) and few seedbox providers have also blacklist this tracker for DMCA reasons. Otherwise this is one of the best general trackers. They also have one dedicated section for unmoderated torrents called Zone 5. This section is very active because torrent uploaded in this section are neutral so upload/download won't count at all.





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Final Comment:

Good general tracker. Lots of freeleech. Zone 5 is potential asset. Seedbox is not nessesary. Average home connection can surive here. No H&R. I do recomed.

Speed: 8/10
Content: 7/10
Community: 8/10
Ratio Type: Easy