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Tracker Name Libble
Tracker Genre Music
Tracker Type Ratio Free
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Ratio Free
Tracker IRC Rizon IRC
Banned Countries None
Total Torrents 27286
Total Members 2895

Tracker Description is a private Music tracker for many Music categories like Rock, Blues, Metal , Jazz and Pop and they have 2 sections for Music Videos and Libble Mixtapes where they upload some special Mix Music Tapes but it is not very active section. is a Ratio Free Music tracker based on Gazelle source and it is almost the only Ratio Freeprivate Music tracker found now. It comes after WHAT.CD and when it comes to Music tracker levels although it doesn't have that huge content and members database as them. What makes Libble good is that they have good community with not many hard Rules and being Ratio Free so all you need to care about is to seed for 72 hours after download is finished within 1 week. Their invite system is good as all members from Silver level are given invites per month according to their user classes and they sometimes open for free sign up. They have bonus points system which are used to raise and promote users to higher levels by seeding downloaded torrents as long as possible and by uploading your own torrents and that is called Share Rank.
They have very good section for Guides and Tutorials for various techniques of Music Ripping and other Bit Torrent world related subjects.

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Pre-Time 7/10
Overall Experience 7.5/10