The Leach Zone | TLZ | General | 2023 Review

Tracker Name The Leach Zone
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker IRC
Banned Countries No

Tracker Description

TLZ is a General tracker that is focus on creating a community that shares Movies ,tv , games and more.
Their goal is in time to provide the absolutely all the latest torrents available. Only specially authorised users have permission to upload torrents , to apply to become a site uploader use the uploaders application form, contact staff. All Uploaders must upload a minimum of 3 unique torrents each week to retain their Uploader status. Failure to comply will result in a demotion, and a minimum of a 2 week blackout period where they will not be able to return to the Uploader team. If, after the 2 weeks, the Uploader can prove they will be active, they will be reinstated. Note that all torrents must be seeded for two weeks, no matter what the size or type. They have their our own release group ,a few great Ultra HD release everyday. Bonus Point stores is one of the best out there ,its easy earn lots of bonus. For every hour that you seed a torrent, you are awarded with 0.45 Karma Bonus Point. Request section is open for power users only. They are growing slowly but the site looks great with lots of great features.

I have rated just the community , they are trying to build something great.



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Bonus Points

Pretimes -/10
Community 10/10
Content -/10
Speed -/10
Tracker Rating -/10