Tracker Name KrayTracker
Tracker URL
Tracker SignUp Invite Only (very rarely open signups)
Tracker Genre Music
Seed Difficulty Hard
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • KrayTracker is a private tracker for Punk, Hardcore, Ska, Reggae, etc. music. Old and legendary in this genre.

  • The site has a small but friendly and close-knit community with 1,500 members and 7,500 torrents.
    Some of the members of this community have their own music bands and used to add their new releases to the tracker.

  • But seeing old reviews I could say that the "golden years" of this tracker are in the past. Some latest replies on forum dated months and years ago.
    However, the site regularly gets new torrents. So we can be sure that KT is not dead (as well as punk ).

  • Speed is good enough but there're not so many leechers. H&R rules for 48 hours.
    So it's better be ready to go there with some new releases.

  • In conclusion, I should say that I've heard about this tracker even 8 years ago, so fans of the genre should try to be there for sure.

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Pretimes 6/10
Speeds 7/10
Content 9/10
Community 7/10
Overall 7/10