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Karagarga is a members-only torrent tracker. That is to say it is a file-sharing archive closed to the public and accessible by exclusive invitation alone. These coveted invitations are given out to only the highest ranked users(VIP and Uploaders). Karagarga is rigorously discriminate: uploads must meet certain specifications of quality and kind, include representative screenshots and sensible descriptions, and, most importantly, reflect the presiding sensibility of the site — the tendency toward the difficult and obscure that has made Karagarga so reliable a haven for cinephiles of discerning tastes. Moderators don’t allow the uploading of modern Hollywood pictures or mainstream blockbusters. The upshot of all this rigour is that Karagarga houses the most exhaustive library of classic, foreign and arthouse films in the world. The archive has accumulated hundreds of thousands of films. It’s difficult to overstate the significance of such a resource. Movies of unflagging historical merit are otherwise lost to changes in technology and time every year: film prints are damaged or lost, VHS tapes aren’t upgraded, DVDs fall out of print without reissue, back catalogues never make the transition to digital. But should even a single copy of the film exist, however tenuously, it can survive on Karagarga: one person uploads a rarity and dozens more continue to share. Without a service like Karagarga movie-lovers are in thrall to the whims of an implacable market — one whose recent and unerring shift to digital streaming has left vast swaths of cinema history to molder unseen. Karagarga will be cherished for the rare and valued access it affords. Maintaining a good ratio is not so hard if you download all the featured torrents as soon as they are uploaded. None of the uploads are ever deleted which makes reseeding much easier.


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