Kapaki | General | 2015 Review

Tracker name Kapaki
Tracker Genre General
Tracker URL https://kapaki.info
Tracker Singup Closed / Invite Only
Ratio requirements Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Easy
Tracker Birthday N/A
Total torrents 22,310
Total users 11,865
Banned Countries N/A
Tracker IRC N/A
Tracker's FaceBook Account N/A
Tracker's Twitter Account N/A

Kapaki is a very interesting Greek general tracker.
Itís active about 4-5 years and a few months ago it has changed his not so stylish and rather discouraging old basic interface for a new convenient one, the one that is used at the most trackers in Greece. It has plenty of torrents, like any general tracker.

A TV lover can find all the Greek TV shows and series, in single episodes or packages, uploaded usually a few hours or the day after the broadcast. Besides, plenty of Foreign TV series with Greek subs, mostly custom ones.

A movie lover can find a lot of stuff, from fresh mainstream movies to old rare 30ís, 40ís 50's etc movies with custom Greek subs.

A book lover can find lots of books in Greek language, from the fresh mainstream ones to philosophy, politics, history etc with many of them scanned from trackerís users.

A music lover can find almost all fresh Greek cds, and tones of older Greek, mostly mainstream of course. Lots of foreign ones too, new and old. Most on 320kb/s mp3.
There is a very interesting section in flac, with many foreign classic, progressive, art and other obscure rock bands from the past. No famous ones here, but forgotten to very unknown, in excellent lossless rips Ė many of them by tracker users.

The most interesting in this tracker though, are his exclusive uploads of rare old
Greek movies, mostly TV rips and VHS rips. There are not present at any other Greek
tracker, to my knowledge of course.

In technicals, there is an option to change tracker interface language to English that helps a lot.

Speeds and pre-times are from excellent to good and a lot of files are supported by seedboxes.

There is a very rewarding seed bonus point system (as well as many free and half leech torrents) that make ratio a very easy case.

Seeding Rules are very simple, any torrent must be seeded at least 72 hours or till 1:1 ratio .




Greek TV packs

Old Greek movies TV Rips & VHS

Books in Greek




Torrents in other interface styles

A random torrent from the ..inside








Internal Groups

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