JPopsuki | JPop | Music | 2020 Review

Tracker Name Jpopsuki
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre Asian Music
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Medium
Bonus System Yes
Banned Countries None
Tracker IRC Server: Port: 6667 Channels: #jpopsuki, #jpopsuki-support

Tracker Description

JPopsuki is a Gazelle based Music tracker for asian music releases.
The tracker includes all type of music like Korean, Japenese, Chinese, Thai and many more.
They have a lot of lossless content and many CDs / DVDs Flac Asian music and movies, OSTs and bonus CDs etc.
It is an active tracker, uploads torrents daily, has good navigation and search system, is a recommended tracker if you like Asian content; as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc.
If you are a fan of music from asian regions and always want to find a tracker where this type of music is available then JPopsuki is a right place for you to join. Speed are very good and maintaining relationship is easy.
Ratio maintain is easy if you have seedbox with many leechers on their contents also many free leech files are there for boosting your ratio .

They don’t have a seeding requirement or a hit and run rule but they have ratio watch:

Ratio watch is our way of making sure that everyone contributes back to the site. When you download a certain amount of data, you must keep your share ratio above a corresponding level. The levels are as follows:

Amount downloaded
Minimum ratio

Extra info
Initial grace period for all users
Does not apply if you've been a member for less than two weeks
Ratio watch starts applying here if you've been a member for less than 2 weeks




TO become power user you need dl some certertain of files . Onces you become power user invite getting is very easy .

They have a large community of about 178k+ members which is very active and they also have 281k+ torrents.

I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots

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Pre-times /10
Speed 8/10
Content 8.5/10
Community 8/10
Overall 8/10