Tracker Name JoinTheCult
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre General
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Ratio-Less
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • JoinTheCult (JTC) is a private french general tracker founded at late 2016. After T411 closage saga , many people surfed the web thoroughly for other french replacements & (JTC) arised more in those days.

  • Tracker got small number of registered users (app.400) with around 9K uploaded torrents , which is considered good one for a site got only 400 members & started since 6/7 months!

  • Best thing on JoinTheCult , that they are Ratio-Less tracker! but EVEN if they the site is no ratio , Hit & Run system is activated so you must seed all downloaded torrents to 100% or Minimum 36h . Failure to comply with this minimum requirement may result in a LEECH warning.

  • Bonus Points system is implemented , where you can buy extra upload GBs (Reaches to 1TB) / Remove an active warning / Invitations / etc..

  • Community is active & strong as they got low registered userbase data usually stick to themselves in IRC , Forums are active as well & most of requests are being filled.

  • Tracker got very Stylish appearance with an option at Left-side of the home page , you can customize the look of the tracker itself as you pleased . Changing everything : Tracker's Banner / back ground / font colour / etc .

  • From what i see IMO , JoinTheCult tracker is very good to join these days as invites are not so hard to find . I see it's a good (maybe) promising one having No-ratio makes everyone pleased with.

  • I hope you'll like my review ( you won't find any elsewhere xD! ) , leaving you now with screenshots

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Bonus Points


Pre-Times -/10
Speeds 7/10
Content 6/10
Community 7/10
OverAll 7/10