Immortalseed| IS| General | 2021 Review

Tracker Name Immortalseed
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre General
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker Signup Open / Invite only
Seed Difficulty Easy
Bonus System Available
Banned Countries None
IRC Server:
Channel: #welcome

ImmortalSeed (IS) is a general private torrent tracker suitable for those who are new to the private trackers world. You will mostly get movies and TV shows, but other contents can also be found--such as games, music, applications, ebooks, anime, etc. XXX, however, is not allowed.
Contents variety and quality are not the best here, compared to other general trackers, but not the worst, either. Also, because of the lack of leechers and long-term seeders, most torrents die in a short time.
A very generous seed-bonus system is implemented here. 0.5 BP/hour for every torrent you're seeding (regardless the size). 750 + 250 BPs when filling requests (the number can be higher). 100 BPs for uploading. For this it’s easy to buy and send invites here.
Also it’s easy to maintain/build a good ratio here and it has an easy ranking/promotion system. Normal users are only required to seed downloaded torrents for 2 hours, only!
They have Forum and TeamSpeak, Shoutbox as well as IRC none of these are that much active. But you might see many people playing games. Yup! This tracker has a BlackJack, Lotteries, a Casino, and other games. It has a unique thing like Social Groups where many similar minded people can join and discuss.
In the forum also they have many unique things like Members Album, Members Blogs but none of these are active att all. In this tracker Users & staff are friendly and welcoming.

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Speed 7/10
Pretimes 7.5/10
Contents 7/10
Community 8/10
Overall 7/10