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Thread: | ICE | General | 2018 Review

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    103 (100%) | ICE | General | 2018 Review | ICE | General | 2018 Review

    Tracker Name: ICE Torrent
    Tracker URL:
    Tracker Signup: Invite Only
    Tracker Type: RatioLess
    Tracker Genre: General
    Seed Difficulty: Easy
    Facebook Page:
    Bonus System: Yes
    Adult (XXX) Content: Yes
    Chatbox: Yes
    Banned Countries: None

    Tracker Description:

    ICE Torrent is an Romanian General Tracker, this tracker is without an doubt one of the best one's out there, this tracker is ratioless with excellent content available, Music, Movies, Apps, XXX, just to name a few.

    With their bonus system, you can buy an invite for 5000 points to invite all your friends and to accumulate these points it is very easy.

    - You receive 0.5 points per hour per each complete torrent (downloaded all files) you seed.
    - For each GB you seed you receive 1 point per hour.
    - For each (SeedTime Days x GB) x 0.02 points per hour.
    - Formula: 0.5 + (GB x 1) + ((SeedTime Days x GB) x 0.02).
    - Hyper SeederHyperSeeder class receive double bonus points.
    - You receive 1000 points for every uploaded torrent.
    - You receive 500 points for each thanks you got on uploaded torrents.
    - You receive 1000+ points for each request uploaded from Requests section.

    Also an important thing for Romanian users or others that like Romanian shows, the SceneFZ internal group that encoded/capped TV shows from Romanian TV is available on ICE Torrent under the group name "iReal". So all the great shows like Romanians got talent, Master Chef, just to name a few would be available on this tracker.

    Overall, this is a MUST get tracker!

    As per their Facebook post:

    As of this moment there are no more Seeding rules...and the Slot system has been deactivated. Yes you are reading this right ! You can download any torrent you want and you can seed it only as long as you want or not at all ! You will not get punished or restricted in any way. If you don't feel like seeding what you download it's up too you. Just like on public trackers !

    So it depends on how much you respect the uploaders and the rest of the users who will wish to download the torrents after you. If you don't seed it...that means you have 0 respect for the uploaders and that people will not be able to download the torrents after you...because the torrents will have no more seeders. Everything is in your hands !

    Obviously, if you want to promote to the higher ranks you will have to maintain a good seeding activity so you can meet the promoting criteria listed HERE. But if the rank doesn't interest you and all you want is to download stuff you can seed only as long as you wish with no worries.


    Torrent Browse:

    Adult (XXX):



    Bonus Shop:




    Pretimes 8/10
    Speed 9/10
    Content 8/10
    Community 10/10
    Overall 8/10

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    They do have seeding rules: you must seed for 48 hours, otherwise you get a H&R warning.

    Yet, you can even bypass this requirement by exchanging a few bonus points to lift the warning!

    In terms of content, they frequently upload multisubs retail DVDs and Blurays. Those who don't manage with English very well will appreciate the feature a lot.

    All in all, indeed a very good tracker that deserves more attention than it has.
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    Good review Spider, though i don't agree with the content or with the pre rating. Honestly no matter how hard i tried to feel something good about this tracker i just can't find anything. All i see there is some old movies,old apps and everything seem so outdated. I know it's not a 0day,it might be good if you're a retro movie friend etc,but i think it's way overrated overall.
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    Content and pre rating are overrated, for me content is 6/10 and pre 6/10. They dont have autobots, power user or above can upload , staff is 3 or 4/10.

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