IceCreamClub2022 | ICC2022 | General | 2023 Review

Name: IceCreamClub2022
Genre: General
Signup: Invite Only
Ratio: Yes
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

ICC2022 (IceCreamClub2022) is a ratio-based small Chinese private torrent tracker based on NexusPHP. This tracker is growing rapidly, And now it has almost 8k Registered users and 6k+ Torrents. This tracker offers Movies, TV, Cartoon, Documentary, Music Sports & Games and Some other releases (except adult) in 720p-4k; Remux, Bluray & WEBDL Encode, and DVD Encodes also. You have to maintain an overall 1.0 ratio there. After downloading the torrent, you've to seed for a certain period of time (24/48 hours) avoid HnR. Too many HnR will make you to face the consequences. (You will be notified when HnR requirements are fulfilled.) It's easy to maintain the ratio as there are a lot of freeleech torrents and a number of leechers for new torrents. They also have a bonus point system. You can exchange with upload credit, purchase a custom title, gift to your friend or any other user, make requests, and do a few other things as well. You can make requests, and upload subtitles also (only Chinese as far as I know). (It's a closed torrent tracker but sometimes they open their door for new users) Newbie Users have to pass an exam/assignment after entering the site. Exams like gaining minimum upload, download, bonus points, and seedtime, etc. (Overall it's a nice tracker to have). The Website UI is in Chinese but can be translated to English using the Translator extension.





Torrent Profile:









My Rating:

Content: 7.0/10
Speed: 7.0/10
Pretime: -/10
Community: 5/10
Overall: 7.0/10