HQMusic | HQM | Music | 2018 Review

Tracker Name: HQMusic
Tracker URL: http://hqmusic.info/
Tracker Signup: Invite Only
Tracker Type: Ratio
Tracker Genre: Music
Seed Difficulty: Medium
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

HQMusic is the first Lossless Tracker from Vietnam that focuses on Asian Music Releases.
This tracker has a user limit of 5000 and currently have a total of 2624 torrents, their request fill rate is at 50%.
This tracker also have a base currently of 2121 FLACs and have a total of 70k+ Seeders.

HQMusic Stats:

- Maximum users: 5,000
- Enabled users: 1,740 Details
- Torrents: 2,624
- Releases: 2,558
- Artists: 1,144
- "Perfect" FLACs: 2,121
- Requests: 16 (50.00% filled)
- Seeders: 79,367
- Leechers: 1,706
- Seeder/leecher ratio: 46.52

Ratio Rules:

Ratio System Overview:
Your ratio is calculated by dividing the amount of data you've uploaded by the amount of data you've downloaded. You can view your ratio in the site header or in the "stats" section of your user profile.
To maintain leeching privileges, your ratio must remain above a minimum value. This minimum value is your required ratio.
If your ratio falls below your required ratio, you will be given two weeks to raise your ratio back above your required ratio. During this period, you are on ratio watch.
If you fail to raise your ratio above your required ratio in the allotted time, your leeching privileges will be revoked. You will be unable to download more data. Your account will remain enabled.

Required Ratio Overview:
Your required ratio represents the minimum ratio you must maintain to avoid ratio watch. You can view your required ratio in the site header after the word "required" or in the "stats" section of your user profile.
Your required ratio is unique; each person's required ratio is calculated for their account specifically.
Your required ratio is calculated using (1) the total amount of data you've downloaded and (2) the total number of torrents you're seeding. The seeding total is not limited to snatched torrents (completed downloads)  the total includes, but is not limited to, your uploaded torrents.
The required ratio system lowers your required ratio when you seed a greater number of torrents. The more torrents you seed, the lower your required ratio will be. The lower your required ratio is, the less likely it is that you'll enter ratio watch.

Required Ratio Details:
If you stop seeding for one week, your required ratio will become the maximum required ratio (0% seeded) for your amount downloaded bracket. Once you have resumed seeding for a 72 hour period, your required ratio will decrease according to the above calculations.
If your download total is less than 5 GB, you won't be eligible for ratio watch, and you will not need a required ratio. In this circumstance, your required ratio will be zero regardless of your seeding percentage.
If your download total is less than 20 GB and you are seeding a number of torrents equal to 100% of your snatches, your required ratio will be zero.
As your download total increases, your minimum (100% seeded) and maximum (0% seeded) required ratios taper together. After you have downloaded 100 GB, those values become equal to each other. This means that users with download totals greater than or equal to 100 GB have a minimum required ratio (100% seeded) of 0.60 from that point forward.

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Pretimes 6/10
Speed 7/10
Content 6/10
Community 5/10
Overall 6/10