High Definition in Upxin | HDU | HD | 2017 Review

Tracker Name High Definition in Upxin
Tracker Genre Movies / HD
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker URL http://pt.upxin.net
Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Easy
Tracker IRC N/A
Banned Countries None
Total Torrents 5444
Total Members N/A

Tracker Description

High Definition in Upxin is a new Chinese Movies / HD private tracker that was formed after major Chinese trackers CHDBits and HDWing have shut down. Content and members database are still small comparing to other Chinese trackers that is why they open for free sign up frequently and they haven't added Newbie Assessment yet. HDU is their main internal encoding team that provide both 1080p and 720p encodes but those encodes are not well known or uploaded outside their tracker, they also have OurDisc and DIY@HDU teams for BluRay untouched sources. keeping good ratio is easy due to having many free torrents and the bonus points system. High Definition in Upxin is not that active HD tracker and they take some time to add their internal encodes for new movies. Scene releases and other P2P encodes from other Chinese trackers are allowed. Tracker interface can be set to English in all pages from the login page. Forum is in Chinese and it is not that active. No H&R rules are enforced only good general ratio is required.

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Tracker Rating

Speed 7/10
Content 7/10
Pre-Time 6/10
Overall Experience 6.5/10