HeyNow Life | HNL | Miscellaneous (radio/TV)| 2015 Review

Tracker Name HeyNow Life ( HNL )
Tracker Genre Miscellaneous (radio/TV)
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Tracker Birhday May 2nd 2009
Maintaining Ratio Medium
Tracker Signup Link Closed/Invite Only(Applications)
Tracker URL http://heynowlife.org
Banned Countries N/A
Tracker IRC IRC channel #HeyNow on irc.p2p-network.net
[web browser] irc : //irc.p2p-network.net/HeyNow
IRC Bonus N/A
Tracker Twitter Account N/A
Tracker FaceBook Account N/A

Tracker Description

HeyNow Life is the ultimate tracker out there for Howard Stern fans.Pretty much all his shows are on this tracker : All his radio recordings,all video recordings that they ve made in the studio ( Howard TV ),all the old stuff and new and also some of the other shows on Sirius ( radio and TV ).Speeds are great mostly because there s lots of small radio quality audio files,but even the larger video files go as fast as you want them to go.Keeping up a good ratio without donating to this tracker can be real challenge early on.Though it should be manageable if you leave 30 torrents running at all times to accumulate enough bonus points so that you can convert those into credits towards your upload ratio.Like with most specialized trackers you wont find an exciting forum with tons of interesting and funny threads,but as small as the community may be,its a vert active one when it actually comes down to the torrents themselves.Final for me the big appeal to this website is the "Howard TV" videos(which is the video recording of the radio show "The Howard Stern Show")and that seems to be the big draw for most people there judging by how active those torrents are compared to the others.So if you like Howard Stern and have been dying to find the popular but rare "Howard TV" videos,this is the place for you.

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Content 9/10
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