Name: HDStreet
Category: HD
Type: Ratio based (with H&R)
Signup: Invites only
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
IRC: None
Bonus Points: Yes


HDStreet is a new Chinese tracker (around 5 days, with 42 torrents and 1.317TB in size in these 5 days) is HD content tracker, music, etc., such as CHDBits or M-Team (talking about categories, not content or quantity), DVDs, Full Blurays, encodes, etc.

For now it has no irc, no option to change language as other Chinese trackers, this is 100% Chinese (but you can change the language with google chrome, with the mouse, right click: Translate to English), this generates some misspellings and sometimes is not well understood, but it's better to read chinese xD

This site mainly positioning Chinese film and television works exchange platform, only released mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore film and television works of the original disk, source code, suppression and other versions. Also has H&R system, each downloaded torrent you have to share it for at least 24 hours or until having ratio of 1:1

Also there is Bakatest, that is to get daily points to login as in other trackers, and you get 1000 bonus points the first time. Has a different interface to other Chinese trackers, has little content but hopefully will be a good tracker over time.






Torrent Download Preview:







Bonus Ponits

For now there is no rating since it's new, but hopefully it will be a good tracker in the future.

There are also several sections that ask to be elite user to be able to see them, so this is all that we can see for now, maybe later someone will makes a complete review