HDSky | HDS | HD | 2015 Review

Tracker Name HDSky
Tracker Genre HD
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker URL http://hdsky.me
Tracker Signup Closed/Invites Only
Bonus System Yes
Banned Countries None
Tracker IRC --------

Tracker Description

HDSky is one of the biggest and oldest Chinese HD private trackers. It was formerly known as HDStar then came back online with new name HDSky and new staff. As most Chinese trackers you can switch interface to English expcept for the forums part will stay in Chinese. HDSky community is good,active and growing. They have their internal encoders for full Bluray,1080P,720P and m-HD encodes as well. DIY@HDSky,DTS-HDS and HDSPad are their internals and the remain freeleech torrents for one day after release. Also the upload other encodes from other Chinese and non Chinese trackers. Speeds and pre-times are good and most files are supported by seedboxes. With bonus points system and many freeleech torrrents,you can easily build up good buffer.

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**** Speed **** 8/10
**** Content **** 8/10
**** Pre-Time **** 8/10