HDMonkey | HDM | 2018 Review

Tracker Name: HDMonkey
Tracker URL: https://www.hdmonkey.org/
Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite only
Tracker Type: Ratio
Tracker Genre: HD
Seed Difficulty: Easy
Ratio Helpers: FreeLeech
Tracker IRC: N/A
Bonus System: Yes
Chatbox: Yes
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

HDMonkey is an Romanian tracker that gives you the option to set the language to English.

There is a radio that starts playing when logging in, but you do have the option to switch the radio off.

Most torrents are OK seeded and downloads speeds can be better, the tracker also have adverts that can be distracting when browsing around.

The tracker is fairly small if you compaire it against other HD trackers, stats are shown below:

Uploaded Torrents: 8,930
Registered Members: 4,177

This tracker would be great for 1st time private tracker users to learn on how ratio is working.

There are also many pinned torrents, that causes your 1st screen to be mostly pinned and only a few new releases to be shown.

On a brighter note, there is many freeleech torrents that can help with ratio and there is a bonus shop available.







Pretime 5/10
Speed 5/10
Content 5/10
Community 5/10
Overall 5/10