HDME.eu | HDME | HD General | 2019 Review

Tracker Name HDME
Tracker URL http://hdme.eu/
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker IRC[ irc.hdme.eu
6667 or +6697

Tracker Description

- HDME is a private HD general tracker.

- Signups are regularly opened throughout the year. Members can purchase invites with bonus points through their 'store'.

- HDME offers 5 internal encoders with a combined upload total of 9,778 torrents. All uploads by HDME, INtL, iCandy, FourGHD and RUXi are set to freeleech so take advantage of this to build your ratio!

- Members can browse anime, apps, AVCHD, bluray, dbREMUX, documentaries, misc, movies, music, packs, porn, remux, sports, TV and 4k content. Tracker stats show HDME has 11,347 uploaded torrents and 17,046 members. Seed numbers are high making the seed difficulty 'easy'.

- Compared to last year it seems requests have started being filled and the forums are becoming a bit more active.

- There is no shoutbox as far as I can see but this tracker offers IRC. This is password protected and details of how to enter can be found by clicking the IRC tab down the bottom of the homepage etc.

- Donations are via cryptocurrency only. After donating you are expected to send staff a PM to have your account credited as it is not an automatic process. Amounts start from 10 euro and offer upload credit, titles, donor stars, invites, freeleech slots and VIP status.








Pretimes 7/10
Community 7/10
Content 7/10
Speed 7/10
Tracker Rating 7/10