HD-Torrents | HDT | HD | 2019 Review

Tracker Name HD-Torrents
Tracker URL https://hd-torrents.org/
Tracker Genre HD
Tracker Tybe Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Seed difficulty Medium
Tracker Signup Invites Only
banned countries None
Tracker Birthday 2008-03-15
3,950 days old
Tracker IRC Server: irc.P2P-Network.net
Main Channel: #HD-Torrents
Announce Channel: #HD-Torrents.Announce

Tracker Description

  • HD-torrents is one of the best HD trackers, it has great internal groups and they have exclusive untouched blu-rays and remuxes.
  • If you want a lot of great HD content with quick uploading but you canít join HDB, this is your place for sure!
  • People and staff here are friendly.
  • You can browse the tracker at any IP but be careful to do more than that "read the rules for more details."
  • Tracker has a lot of awesome and original HD/UHD content, Movies, TV Show, Music, XXX.
  • The forums are active. A lot of information regarding hardware, software, encoding and quite sociable.
  • If you donít have seedbox or high speed connection maybe you canít survive on this tracker.
  • There is a requirement to download at least 15 GB per quarter (3 months), statistics will start in first day of those months "March, June, September, December". If you didnít do that until the end of period time your account will be disabled except if you are VIP and above classes.
  • Do not let your ratio below 0.70 for 6 days or you will be in trouble, All what you need is seedbox for 2 months to build your ratio or high speed connection.
  • If you didnít log in for 50 days your account will be disabled for inactivity.
  • Earning bonus points is very hard but not impossible.
  • There isn't any 100% freeleech so when starting you have to choose wisely what to download so that you don't get in a trouble.






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Pretimes 8.5/10
Speed 9/10
Content 9/10
Community 8/10
Overall 9/10