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Tracker: HD-Spain
URL: http://www.hd-spain.com/
Open Signups?: No.
Category: All about HD.


The various categories of HD-Spain


Really huge archive of torrents. For example, "Just" more than 100 pages of Only Full-Blu Ray!

Torrents Most Seeded:



* It is prohibited from using this forum / tracker for HD-Spain to distribute or download any audiovisual material by members who do not have the legal rights to do so. In Spain it is quite legal by the exercise of the right of private copying, residents of foreign countries consult the legislation applicable to your territory.

* It is prohibited from using this forum / tracker for HD-Spain to distribute or download any software, including one whose license permits, and the disclosure of any key or activation key software licensing . The software creates the concept of backup, as opposed to private copying, distribution is not allowed at all.

* It is prohibited from using this forum / tracker for HD-Spain for distribution or downloading of material related in any way with child pornography and the like.

* It is prohibited from using this forum / tracker for HD-Spain for any profit-making activity.

* None of the files for private copying is hosted on HD-Spain since all links have been provided by registered users of this forum / tracker. The only torrent files to the distribution of private copies of the original files.

* Administrators, moderators and other staff members of this forum / tracker for HD-Spain do not get any responsibility for incorrect use of these files, the statements made by members of the website or any other action taken by same in any section. For your information I do know that in Spain has banned public display of private copying and obtaining economic benefit from their distribution.

* The required reading this disclaimer implies full acceptance of the terms thereof. Also the lack of standards does not excuse therefore can not be argued that reason should be reprimanded or cancel an account for non-compliance.

Userclasses And Promotions:

The different userclasses of the site.


* Ratio less than 0.25 with 20 GB downloaded Screener stay in range for more than 7 days or non-compliance.
* No access to tracker
* Access restricted to forum subforum Bans


* Ratio below 0.5 with 20 GB downloaded
* Access restricted tracker. You can only download torrents that have previously completed in order to seed and increase your ratio to rise in rank
* Access restricted to different sub forums forum of information. Read-only (can not write messages)
* See Unlimited
* If within 7 days, no amount of range, the account may be canceled

# SD:

* Ratio greater than 0.5
* Full access to public forum
* 6 slots down
* See Unlimited
* This range is set by default when entering for the first time tracker


* Ratio greater than 1 with more than 100 GB downloaded and completed at least 10 torrents
* Full access to public forum
* 10 slots down
* See Unlimited


* Ratio greater than 1.5 to more than 200 GB downloaded and completed at least 20
* Full access to public forum
* 20 slots down
* See Unlimited


Speed: Great speed. Really fast!

Contents: 10/10 - If you're an HD Lover, you MUST have this tracker. Especially if you're european, you can find all you need. Pratically almost every torrents has more than a language, like French, Italian, German and other european ones.

HD-Spain is really awesome, much more than other "country" tracker like HDFrench or other...... then the archive of the Full Blu-Ray is really awesome!

Another thing, you can't upload n one stuff of HD-Spain on other trackers, HD-Spain has a own relase group, GrupoHDS, this tracker is extremely strict in this, therefore there's much stuff