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Maintain Ratio Easy
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Tracker Description

  • HD-Spain is the best well-known spanish tracker for HD-content in all stuffs : Movies , Series , Sports , XxX , etc...

  • Tracker been online since 9 years & Only Castilian Spanish language is used there , English is NOT allowed anywhere (they appreciate their own lang.)

  • Tracker stats aren't known exactly! but for what we can notice that they got Over +30K uploaded torrents & App. +8K registered users showing an active community.

  • The best thing about their content is European untouched bluray. There are many untouched blu-rays that you can find EXCLUSIVELY on this tracker. They have an internal encoder: GrupoHDS with many good rips.

  • Maintain ratio is easy as they got 100% freeleech uploaded torrents (Green background) , also with some double 2x upload count torrents . On SPECIAL occassions , they turn global freeleech ON!

  • One more good thing to make sure that torrents are well-seeded (Especially , the old ones!) , that they have a BxC (Bonus for Sharing) system that gives you extra GBs to your upload count...The MORE older files you seed , The MORE GBs you earn!

  • They have hit and run rule. All torrents should be seeded for 96 hours or ratio 1:1.

  • They prune In-active accounts. To avoid this, you should login to the tracker every 60 days and download at least 2 torrents every 60 days.

  • Invite system is closed since sometime ago & they don't Open it regularly .. Maybe once or twice a year & it's very hard to get into!

  • HD-Spain is really a great place to join if you're spanish (No.1) , also if you're a fan of spanish movies & European untouched blurays..

  • I hope that i spotted the light on each criteria , hope you'll like it guys & leaving you with screenshots

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Pre-Time -/10
Speed 7/10
Content 8/10
Community 7/10
OverAll 8/10