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Thread: | HDS | HD | 2019 Review

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    Guest Immortal7's Avatar | HDS | HD | 2019 Review | HDS | HD | 2019 Review

    Tracker Name HD-Space
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre HD
    Tracker Tybe Ratio Based
    Bonus System Yes
    Seed difficulty Easy
    Tracker Signup Invites Only
    banned countries None
    Tracker Birthday 2009-05-15
    3,530 days old
    Freeleech Yes
    Tracker IRC Channel: #HD-Space , Network:, Port: 6667

    Tracker Description

    • HD-Space is 9 years old HD tracker for Movies/TV BluRay Disks and BluRay encodes.
    • It has very good internal encoders "RightSiZE, CRiSPY, SpaceHD, HDSpace, BluPanther".
    • Also they have external encodes like "CtrlHD, EbP, DON, VETO, EVO, DIMENSION, Viet3X, and SPARKS".
    • They provide good pretimes.
    • Speed is great with many seedboxes.
    • They have freeleech content plus the bonus system makes it easy to build good ratio.
    • Community is good and helpful.
    • The tracker looks great, very easy to browse with stylish and nice dark design.
    • Many categories like movies,music,animation,xxx,TV,software and others.

    How i get bonus points?

    When you post a torrent comment or forum post you receive 1 point
    When you click the ''Thank you'' button in the torrent you receive 0.5 points
    When you add subtitles you receive 10 points
    When you are seeding torrents with size under 500 mb will receive 0.2 points
    When you are seeding torrents with size between 501-4000 mb will receive 0.5 points
    When you are seeding torrents with size between 4001-10 000 mb will receive 1 points
    When you are seeding torrents with size between 10 001-25 000 mb will receive 1.5 points
    When you are seeding torrents with size over 25 001 mb will receive 2.2 points

    HD-Space Stats:

    torrents: 76080
    peers: 84288
    seeds: 82650
    leechers: 1638
    seeds/leechers: 5,046%
    Users: 19328











    Help Desk


    Pre-times 7.5/10
    Speed 8/10
    Content 7.5/10
    Community 8/10
    Overall 7.5/10

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    A good ratio is easily available. Torrent site presentations require 24-hour submissions. This is really annoying and hard work
    It is a one-to-one site for current and outdated content. Invitations are easy to find

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