Tracker Name
Tracker Genre HD
Tracker Type Ratio Base
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Easy
Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only (sometimes open)
Tracker URL is a HD tracker formed by the majority of the staff of, they left the tracker after some disagreaments with the owner.The tracker is new but the level of activety is much higher than the .ro tracker. The encoders also left the .ro and come to the .com , if you are a user of and had a good ratio/buffer you can transfer that amounth to the tracker after you post a screenshot as proof in a special thread in the forum.The pretimes/content and speeds are ok, considering is a new tracker, but it has potential to become a very good HD tracker in time.



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User Class & Promotion


Personal Ratings

Pretimes 6/10
Speed 7/10
Content 6/10
Comunity 7/10
Rarity 4/10
My Experience 6/10