Gohok | GK | Adult | 2015 Review

Tracker Name Gohok (GK)
Tracker Genre Pr0n (XXX)
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Maintaining Ratio Easy
Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only
Tracker URL http://www.gohok.me

Tracker Description

Gohok (GK) is a Korean private torrent tracker for Pr0n.Specialized in Asian mainly staff.Has different categories such animation,comic,Korea-video,Japan-video etc.Ratio is easy maintain because has a lot of seeder.Invite are dont find easy because only Power user and above has (500GB upload).The interface is very friendly and you cant find everything want very easy because is gazelle code.

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Ratings & Commentatory

Content 7/10 If you like Asian pr0n this is the right place for you
Speed 7/10 Many files has a lot of seeders,easy to built bufer
Community 5/10 Not active,many threads is very old in forum and staff response to late for help
Rarity 7/10 Not easy to find invites
Overall Experience 7/10 If you are not member on this tracker dont lose anythink,the specific content cant find in others XXX trackers(empornium,fux0r)