Tracker Name gazellegames
Genre Video Games
Maintaining Ratio Hard
Getting into the tracker Hard
Signup Closed/Invite or Application Submission
IRC Server: [Ports: 6667, SSL +7000], Channel: #gazellegames


GazelleGames is a gazelle based video game tracker that started back in 2010. It is one of the most popular video game trackers(along with blackcats-games). There are lots of torrents(around 37,974 - as of today) and many of them have good amount of seeders so the speed is great. GGn has a very good looking layout, and you can find a game's torrents and updates all on the same page, they have freeleech for new torrents for a couple of hours, and forgives hit n runs after a certain amount of seeding. The trick with GGn is to download brand new torrents as during the first 6 hours they're freeleech, with good speed there is enough time to download these torrents and to complete the majority of torrents if you spot them within the first couple of hours, then any upload you gain is a pure bonus. This is an amazing system for members who set-up auto downloads. I find GGn substantially better in terms of interface but I still feel like BCG has more content. GGn is also an excellent private tracker, highly recommended and i want to see GGn continuing to do well and always wish them the very best.




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Speed 9
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