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Thread: FullMixMusic | FMM | Music | 2018 Review

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    FullMixMusic | FMM | Music | 2018 Review

    FullMixMusic | FMM | Music | 2018 Review

    Tracker Name FullMixMusic
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Type Ratioless
    Seed Difficulty Easy
    Bonus System Yes
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    FullMixMusic is a ratioless Hungarian tracker for music lovers of all genres.

    Even though this tracker is ratioless users are required to seed all downloads for at least 48 hours or to a 1:1 share ratio. If you manage to get some hit and runs you can flush these for 1000 bonus points.

    FMM have a massive categories section for you to browse.. obviously there are too many to list so I have included a screenshot below but you can look for a capella, hip hop, trance etc. If you want something a little different you can also browse through the programs category.. this includes windows software, youtube converters, screen videoing etc etc! Seed numbers are pretty decent so don't expect to be waiting hours or days for a download to finish.

    FMM do offer a bonus points system and it is very easy to gain these though the prices of upload credit, invites etc are quite high. The ways you earn points are:

    * a torrent with at least one seeder will give you 5.4 points per every half hour (30 minutes) it is actively seeding in your client
    * downloading a torrent may give you a random number of points
    * uploading a YouTube video will give you between 40-400 points
    * receiving likes on uploads will give you between 1-150 points
    * signing in (once a day limit) 1-100 points

    If you like to donate I believe you must contact staff.






    Bonus System

    Tracker Ratings

    Pretimes -/10
    Community 6/10
    Content 7/10
    Speed 7/10
    Tracker Rating 7/10
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    This tracker has some new content in flac that you won't find anywhere else until it is re-uploaded to other places. In my opinion, it's quite under-rated in our eyes. It just does not have an English interface.
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