FluxZone | FZN | General | 2018 Review

Tracker Name FluxZone
Tracker URL http://fluxzone.org/
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Easy
Bonus System Yes

Tracker Description

FluxZone is a 'general' Romanian private tracker with regular open signups (this is noted on the login page). Members can chill out to the site radio, if you are an aspiring DJ you can apply to play some tunes, or chill out in the chatbox which is quite busy and welcoming.

As expected members can browse anime, apps, movies, film packs, games, programs, music and XXX content. All torrents are seeded very well and are fast to download meaning you will have a great ratio on this tracker.

Seeding requirements are all torrents must be seeded to a ratio of 1.0 or seeded for a period of 72 hours in 1 week. Hit and runs come with 2 week, 4 week and 8 week warnings and if you are a really naughty user you are finally disabled. Remember freeleech torrents are NOT immune to hit and run rules!







Bonus System

Pre Times 7/10
Community 7/10
Content 7/10
Speed 7/10
Tracker Score 7/10