Tracker Name ExigoMusic.Org (EXIGO)
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre Lossless-Music
Tracker Signup Closed / Invite Only
Maintain Ratio Ratio-less
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • Let's talk about one of my personal dream trackers that i wished to join since i started torrenting in 2011 , it's my lovely old but gold ExigoMusic.Org (EXIGO) xD!
  • Can't imagine that all this years passed , with really big better alternatives like / What.CD (R.I.P both) gone with the wind & still this closed community around since 2006!
  • EXIGO is a Lossless music tracker with most files are in FLAC format that keens on old/classical ones & most of this uploads are ripped , bought and exclusive by the members there & that's the second most special thing there that makes this place a UNIQUE one.
  • FIRST special thing that it's a Ratio-less tracker & that's a great +Plus for music lovers where i think NO other musical place gives this option with well-seeded torrents but Un-fortunately not so much leechers (if you plan to snatch newly uploaded torrents with seedbox) to make some good upload count.
  • Around 3K registered members with about 48K high-quality uploaded torrents makes it really very closed active community for FLAC-lossless audio stuffs.
  • Normal users can't upload unless you're uploader , also EXIGO Uploads torrents are prohibited to be uploaded or just pointed out to other trackers & as they say "This generates a lot of frustration and bad-will against us at EXIGO, and will therefore not be tolerated".
  • What about the hype over this place ?! being so closed & even if you wanna pick up your friend there , you'll have to submit an "Invite request" & wait for staff approval (For SURE! as you can see the low no. of registered users) these requests mostly are refused xD!
  • Will this place fulfill my daily-needs ?! SURELY , no! coz if you're looking to download modern and popular tracks , then EXIGO is NOT your place! as i said they mostly concentrate on Classical music with FLAC formats & also if you're not into FLAC releases , then absolutely this it not your target..
  • EXIGO was very popular with their "Requests section" , that every single request is being fulfilled with no time , actually time passed & this merit is not 100% working ATM.
  • All i can say that, if you download an album from Exigo , consider yourself having the original CD in your collection as most of their releases comes with original scanned artwork, EAC Report , etc..

Torrents: 49,609 [ 46K ]
Registered Users: 2,936 [ 2.9K ]


















Pre-Times -/10
Speed 9/10
Content 8/10
Community 8/10
OverAll 8/10