Ebooks-Shares | ES | Ebooks | 2019 Review

Tracker Name Ebooks-Shares
Tracker URL https://ebooks-shares.org/account-login.php
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker IRC[ irc.digitalirc.org

Tracker Description

- Ebooks-shares is a small but busy community for e-learning and general reading material.

- The invite system is currently closed.. if you wish to invite a friend you must contact staff for approval and the invite to be sent. This may be due to a big number of blacklisted emails joining early last year but of course this is unconfirmed and just my assumption.

- Downloads must be seeded for a minimum of 48 hours or to a 1:1 ratio. Your account based ratio must be kept above 0.5 otherwise you will face downloading disabling and/or account disabling. Maintaining a ratio is easy if you jump on a torrent fast enough, some files have low seed numbers which can make it harder. Keep in mind some torrents are available to VIP members only and regular members cannot download these.

- Browse through audio, children's, collections, comics, computer, docs, educational, fictional, hobby, language, magazines, military, non english, non fiction, teens and VIP material. Heaps to look through and download. If you have material to contribute check out the upload FAQ and rules then give it a go.

- Donations can be made through Patreon with prices ranging between $5 - $100. In exchange you will receive the usual VIP status, bonus credits and free download periods.

- Small, friendly and nice tracker to be apart of.







Pretimes N/A
Community 6/10
Content 6/10
Speed 6/10
Tracker Rating 6/10