Tracker Name Ebooks-Shares
Tracker URL
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker Signup Closed/Invite
Seed Bonus Yes
Seed Difficulty Easy
IRC Channel Yes


A personal favourite ebooks tracker with both general reading and e-learning content. Signup is generally set to invites only
because they are a small but close and active community. Staff do open signup applications from time to time, definitely
a tracker to be a member of.

Depending on your taste you can browse through audiobooks, children's, collections, comics, computers, documentaries, educational,
fiction, hobbies, language, magazines, military, non english, non fiction, teens and VIP. This tracker is strictly a family friendly
site and does not allow XXX content. If you do choose to become an uploader it is recommended to read the banned authors list and
obviously respect both the authors and site staffs wishes not to share these.

While it is always great to donate to a tracker as a thank you, you can exchange bonus points for similar rewards if you were to donate.
This includes upload credit and invites (up to 25 for 1000 points wow!).

Ebooks-Shares gets my of approval








Pre-Times -/10
Content 7/10
Community 7/10
Speed 7/10
Overall Score 7/10