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Thread: Desireleasers | Movies | 2019 Review

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    Desireleasers | Movies | 2019 Review

    Desireleasers | Movies | 2019 Review

    Tracker Name Desireleasers
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre Movies
    Tracker SignUp Invite Only
    Maintain Ratio Easy
    Bonus System Yes
    Chatbox Yes
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    => Desireleasers is a community-built Movie/TV/FANRES database. Its a fairly new Indian Movie Based tracker . Desireleasers strong focus is on HD content, a proactive userbase, an awesome/secure codebase and a helpful and friendly Staff team.

    => The advantage Of desireleasers

    1.Desireleasers have experienced members and staff that are well versed in the world of HD video / audio and technical support.

    2.Along with their extensive passion for movies and TV shows, They also offer one of the best selections of something that most dont - FANRES! A BIG THANK YOU to our content bringers.

    3.While Desireleasers do accept donations to keep the site up and running there will be no pestering PMs or banners on site. No begging from us.

    4.Their community is second to none for its early age. Between their staff and userbase, were always here to help. Were passionate about making sure your experience on desireleasers is nothing short of amazing.

    => They have their Own Internal releasers group whose all contents are 100% Freeleech .

    => Its a ratio Based Tracker and also Bonus Points System is Implanted . So maintain ratio is Not so hard .

    => Tracker Got around 5566+ active users meanwhile in the number of total users are around 6k+ with a total number of torrents are 1528 along with active seeders and peers are 2340
    & 15.

    => As I mentioned earlier As Bp's system is Implanted their You can easilY buy Upload credit and upgrade ratio even also You can have your own personal 24hr freeleech Contents that You can buy With Your Bp's .

    => Their downloading rule is =>

    1. Maintain your overall ratio at or above 0.4 .

    2. Hit & Run is never accepted. Everyone is expected to share what they have downloaded and keep torrent alive.
    You have to seed the torrent for atleast 24 hours otherwise you will get warning.

    => They Have a active Shout Box And member can Easily interact with their staffs .

    => Also Desireleasers Have their own Unique torrent's Highlight section In home where all torrents are Pin for the users .

    => Desireleasers Got Fairly Good torrent's speed as Max Torrents are Well seeded With Boxes.

    => Their are currently covering Mainly Tamil MALAYALAM & Hindi Movie Based contents as I mentioned earlier its a new tracker so they are surelY focusing On other section Soon in future . They also Have few Music contents collection too .

    => I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots.

    ||Home Page||





    ||Bonus System||


    Pre-times 6.5/10
    Speed 7/10
    Content 6.5/10
    Community 6/10
    Overall 7/10

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    One of the best places for Indian movies. I recommend this site to those interested in Indian movies.
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