Das Unerwartete | DU | General | 2017 Review

Name Das Unerwartete
Category General
Tracker Type Ratio-Based
URL dasunerwartete.nl
Initial Year 2010
Getting In Easy
Signup Closed | Invite Only
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents 1,500
Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy

Tracker Description

  • Das Unerwartete (English translation: The Unexpected) is a german private torrent tracker for Movies, TV & General Content.

  • DU has 1500 torrents so far, the tracker exists since 2010, the community is relative active, while the content won't offer everything some bigger german trackers can offer, they still have an interesting selection of popular torrents, some releases are uploaded quickly, sometimes even faster than on other trackers.

  • With many global freeleech times beside many other regular freeleech torrents, maintaining a good ratio is very easy. Finding leechers isn't really easy, the community is small, some torrents only have a few leechers, only the popular torrents will have many leechers over time, but with a good bonus system, it is also very easy to build buffer just by seeding the downloaded torrents. New Users will start with 110 GB upload, already a good start buffer to get a bit faster into the community.

  • There are probably more interesting german trackers, but as DU has many cross-seedable torrents, it is an interesting additional source for german content, finding content that isn't already on the bigger german trackers is possible, besides good pretimes for some popular content, not only new torrents might be available before others trackers have them, but here and there you can find some unique content as well, speed isn't bad, most torrents have webseeder or seeders with a decent home connection. While there are still a few seeders for older torrents, most of them have slower connections, but with mainly smaller rips it shouldn't be a huge problem to get some of those in an acceptable time.

  • The casino area, where it is possible to spend some time to play blackjack, or the lottery offer the option to get extra upload, but also to loose it, unless you already have a lot of buffer, it should be preferable to get a few good freeleech torrents and wait for leechers or bonus points, but for those searching for additional time investments, it might be the right place.

  • Navigating through the GUI is easy, the main tab bar will offer quick access to the most important sections, the latest torrents are visible on the home/news page, as well as a chatbox to talk with the other DU members, overall looking decent, while not really exciting or special in any way, DU has at least a great banner and is overall functioning just as a tracker should do, but the number of reasons to have this trackers is small.


Content 5,0
Speed | Seeded Content 6,5
Interface | Design 6,0
Community 7,0
Overall Experience 6,0






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