DarkCore | DCT | General | 2017 Review

Name DarkCore
Category General
Tracker Type Ratio-Based
URL darkcoretorrents.org
Getting In Easy
Signup Closed | Opens Sometimes
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents 3,316
Registered Users 2,070
Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy

Tracker Description

  • DarkCore (darkcoretorrents.org) is small private torrent tracker for movies, TV, music and general content. The tracker community has about 2000 Members and there are more than 3000 torrents.

  • While it is possible to select many categories, most of the uploads belong to Movies, TV, Music and software, there are even a few categories that don't have any torrents. Finding leechers on DCT could be very difficult, there are only a few torrents that have more than 10 or even 20 leechers, and it takes a while to find more leechers over time. DCT has an RSS feed, but as many torrents only have one seed and sometimes no leechers, it is better to choose all torrents manually.

  • The Forum doesn't see that much activity of it's members, some of the latest posts are already old by now. With many games that can be played in the casino or with the lottery you can gamble for bonus points. in the bonus points shop, it is possible to buy upload credits as well as invites. Seeding torrents is another option to get more bonus. New members get 30 GB upload and 1000 bonus points, which could be used to buy 2 invites right after creating a new account.

  • DCT overall looks interesting, the default theme fits actually for the site's name, but there are also other themes available. Unfortunately the text elements seem to be a bit too small, and while searching through the main tabs sub-selections, every sub-tab is rotating for a second, which makes it a bit disturbing while searching through different sections on the DCT homepage.


Content 4,5
Speed | Seeded Content 5
Interface | Design 7,5
Community 5
Overall Experience 5,5




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