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Tracker Name :: DanishBytes
Tracker URL :: https://danishbytes.club/
Tracker Genre :: General
Tracker Type :: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup :: Invite + Application SignUp
Bonus System :: Present
Seed Difficulty:: Easy
Banned Countries:: None

Tracker Description ⠏

  • Danishbytes is a danish ratio based private tracker for movies, tv shows, e-books, music, etc.The tracker isn't very old, It was only created in 2021 and named after a very popular danish tracker called Danishbits that died in 2020, but it has grown quite a bit over the years because of their great content and awesome release groups like TWASERIES, RAPiDCOWS, RTBYTES, PANDEMONiUM, etc. and is now the best danish tracker imo.

  • You must login to the site atleast once every 90 days to keep your account as the accounts that hasn't been logged in for 90 days are automatically deleted.

  • Every downloaded torrent must be seeded to 1:1 or for a minimum period of 48 hours to avoid HnR warning.Three HnR warning will lead to your download rights being revoked.Members also need to keep their ratios above 0.4 or it will also result in their rights being revoked.

  • Access to the social features of the site like forums, news, main chat, comments, profiles, etc. is limited until you have downloaded 200GB, uploaded 10GB and completed 50 downloads.

  • Members can donate through buying items from their premium store.The donated amount doesn't all go to the tracker, some of it is divided into a lot of small pieces and distributed to the uploaders behind the exact torrents you have downloaded in the past 30 days.I don't know exactly how it works, how they get the money or how they redeem it etc. just thought it was pretty cool.

  • They are always open for application SignUps if you're looking to join them.

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