DanishBits | DB | General | 2020 Review

Tracker Name Danishbits
Tracker URL https://danishbits.org/
Tracker Genre General
Tracker Type Ratio based
Tracker Signup Invites Only
Seed Difficulty Easy
Bonus System Available
Tracker IRC irc.danishbits.org
Banned countries None


Danishbits Denmark's largest general tracker and one of the top notch Nordic trackers.
DanishBits has got good pretimes, very good speeds & great content with a large number of freeleech torrents and x2 upload. A lot of torrents are offered as freeleech making it easier to maintain the asked tracker ratio.
It has around 113100 torrents with good collections of movies, tv series, games. They have torrents of popular Nordic uploaders like RAPiDCOWS, DBRETAiL, CDB etc. Most of the torrents are of English audio with Nordic subtitles like Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.
DanishBits currently has no seed requirements/Hit n Run rule, they just ask you to seed back downloads and keep your global ratio above 0.6.
Site it's also translated in English, so it won't be a problem for most of the users to use this tracker.
Members have access to both forums and IRC, if you are looking for activity and to join the community check out their forums as this is the most active spot.

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Speed 8.5/10
Content 8.5/10
Community 7.5/10
Pretimes 8.5/10
Overall 8.5/10