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CHDBits is one of the first trackers to upload the most anticipated movies, most of the Bluray premieres are uploaded here first among the most popular and good trackers out there, then they arrive to the rest of the trackers.

It is one of the best trackers for HD content, it is a tracker that you must have if you like quality.

Personally I love CHD, it has excellent pretimes, and it does not matter if a torrent has few seeders because almost all use seedboxes or have very good speed, so almost all torrents have very good speed, even the speed of torrents with less seeders are tolerable.

The most anticipated torrents or movies reach 2000 downloads. It is very easy to have good ratio here, but it is very difficult to join.

Like all Chinese trackers, they have freeleech, 50% discount and bonus system. CHDBits has something special apart from all this. Unlike other Chinese trackers, they asks to comply with certain bonus points to up userclass. It takes months to upgrade userclass, depending on the range it takes to take half a year or more.

Also every so often they do an exam to drain the users who do not use their accounts, CHD has few almost half of its user limit but those who are inside are people with good speed and seed torrents.

In CHD if you use seedbox you have these rules:

Rules and regulations on the usage of Seedbox(es)

Seedbox is like a Swiss army knife in the torrent world. While it helps seeders to do their part, it eases the process of hit and run too. Some users were even dedicated to cheat the tracker by transferring data among boxes. In order to ensure the interests of the other seedbox members as well as to further discourage the malicious usage of seeboxes, below is the new guideline for seedbox users.

i) Definition of Seedbox(es)
A Seedbox includes, but not limited to, Seedbox provided by Seedbox provider, VPS provided by IDC, dedicated server and any other datacenter facility that allows users to download and upload torrents.

ii) Seedbox usage

1、Any Seedbox used for CHDBits’ torrents should meet ALL five (5) criteria as listed below:
a> has a dedicated IP, and the IP is being used by the particular user only
b> Rental period of not less than a calendar month
c> only one CHDBits member is using the box during the rental period
d> for non-speculative purpose only

2、Seedbox registration

1> Target audience: all CHDBits seedbox user

2> Registration page: visit “User CP” – “Personal Settings”--Info.

3> Registration process and requirements:
a> Seedbox’s IP: complete ipv4 address must be filled in. All information provided during the registration will not be disclosed to third party and will be kept private and confidential.
b> upload and download speed: unit in Mbps
c> If the upload and download speed is faster than 1000Mbps,URL of the service provider’s page of registration. E.g. instead of their homepage ( and Seedbox model.

3、 Violations and penalties
Actions as stated below will be granted 4-8 weeks of warning, barred from downloading torrents for 2-4 weeks or disablement of account.
a> Mass downloading / uploading torrents
b> Mass transfer among boxes (different users) for credits
c> Disturb the other users download/upload experience with the usage of Seedbox
d> Use a shared IP seedbox.
e> Share Seedbox with dedicated IP among other users.
f> Use a Seedbox for less than a month.
g> Modify or use the Seedbox for cheating purpose.

Chiefly, I recommend CHDBits for its quality and content, it is an active tracker and it is definitely worth being a member of it. There are trackers that have more Total Size of Torrents but this is compesated with its quality, rare collection and exclusive torrents that are only here.


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