Title: BwTorrents | BwT | General | 2023 Review

Name: BwTorrents
URL: https://bwtorrents.co / https://bwtorrents.cc
Genre: General
Signup: Invite / Open Signup
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

BwTorrents is one of the best ratio based private torrent trackers for Bollywood and similar contents. BwTorrents has a great collection of Indian stuff like Movies, Music, TV, StageShows, Sports, Docs, Pictures etc. with different qualities 4K,1080p,720p,3D,REMUX,BLURAY and DVDs...

Zero activity accounts are automatically deleted after 30 days, Inactive accounts under VIP and without parked are automatically deleted after 40 days

Maintaining ratio is very easy as the whole site is set to freeleech (Expiration time period: Unknown). Other that that, The site also contains a lot of freeleech torrents. Every download torrent must have to seed 72 hours to avoid HnR or 1.0 ratio. They also have a bonus sytem. Users can buy Upload Credit, VIP status, Invites, Remove Warnings and Gift to other users.

Users can apply for uploader applications. Keep in mind, maximun two warnings results your account Disabled. Overall, they aim to build a healthy community while sharing content and the community there is friendly and should be first option for Bollywood (And for both West Bengal contents also) lover.

They also have a forum and Discord server. Their discord server is active and you can get support upload updates from there as well. In short it's a must have tracker for Bollywood lover (Personal Opinon).





Torrent Profile:







My Rating:

Content: 7.5/10
Speed: -/10
Pretime: 7.0/10
Community: 8.0/10
Overall: 7.0/10