BTXpress | BTX | General | 2018 Review

Tracker Name BTXpress
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Invite
Seed Difficulty Easy
Seed Bonus Yes

Tracker Description

Another new general tracker to add to the scene. I would recommend this tracker to newbies of torrenting for a few reasons:

ratio is easy to maintain
low member count - easy to make connections to branch out
BTXpress are going back and forth between closing and opening the signup, no stress of looking for an invite

Site stats as of present are:

508 registered members
1,033 uploaded torrents
Total traffic - 7.18TiB

Tracker categories are movies, TV and TV with the choice of 4k/UHD, 1080p, Bluray-Full, Packs, 720p, REMUX, Audio/FLAC and SD/X264. Remembering this tracker seems new, not all categories will be full of content or have any at all so patience is needed.

All members who join up will receive 50GB towards their upload and have access to the global freeleech event currently running. BTX also have a bonus point system where you can exchange points for upload amounts, personal FL and invitations.






Bonus System

Pre Times -
Community 6/10
Content 6/10
Speed 6/10
Tracker Score 6/10