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Tracker Name BTNext
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker IRC[

Tracker Description

- Portugese 0day/general private tracker.

- Signups currently require an invite. These aren't hard to find... Power users+ with a ratio of 1.5 can send invites.

- As well as having access to the latest content.. members can search through applications, audiobooks, ebooks, games, misc, movies, music, TV and XXX. BTNext offers regular freeleech with good seed retention and seed numbers meaning ratio is really easy to build and maintain.

- Seed bonus seems slow to build but to make up for this they have cheaper items in exchange. You can remove hit and run warnings, apply upload credit, create a custom title and change your username. These range from 100 - 6,900 bonus points depending on what you choose.

- Donation amounts begin at 5 euro with the most expensive donation being 30 euro. Each package comes with gold, upload credit, gold membership, custom status and no torrent limits. Members can choose to donate through PaySafeCard or Stripe only, bitcoin or PayPal are not an option.





Seed Bonus


Pretimes 7/10
Community 6/10
Content 7/10
Speed 7/10
Tracker Rating 7/10