Blutopia | HD | 2017 Review

Name Blutopia
Category HD
Tracker Type Ratio-Based
Initial Year 2017
Getting In Easy
Signup Closed | Opens Sometimes
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents 1,756
Registered Users 6,136
Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy
Banned Countries No
IRC Channel No

Tracker Description

  • Blutopia is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV-Shows and the internal tracker for multiple release groups.

  • Since Blutopia started around April in 2017, now and 3 months later they reached over 6000 members and already have more than 1,700 Torrents with many raw BluRays and BD-Remuxes and WEBDLs, the site is still under construction, but the interface is easy to handle, while there are probably many changes to come in the future.

  • Blutopia already proved it has potential to become a good HD Tracker, you can find many good movies and TV shows, not as much as on other trackers yet, but with a growing userbase and more new torrents coming every day it might be just a matter of time to see Blutopia becoming another great source for HD content.

  • New registered members start with 50GB upload and there is a bonus point system for seeding torrents to buy upload credits or to share your points to help other Blutopia members.


Content 7
Speed | Seeded Content 8
Interface | Design 7
Community 7
Overall Experience 7







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