Tracker Name bitHumen
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre GENERAL
Tracker Type Ratioless
Bonus System Yes
Tracker Signup Invite only
Banned countries NONE
Maintaining Ratio Easy
Social Media Twitter
IRC and Discord (invite only)


  • BitHUmen is well-known and considered one of the best Hungarian general private trackers, It has +97k users and +96k torrents, content is very good even if you don't speak Hungarian, because you can also find many English subbed and dubbed movies/TV-shows.

  • The site is ratioless, which means that there will be no problems for users worried about maintaining ratio.

  • Members are expected to seed every torrent they download 24 hours, but there are no penalties for torrents deleted before 24 hours,If you do not visit the site for 1 year, you will be banned due to inactivity. Your account will be permanently deleted 2 years after the ban.

  • A weekly leaderboard is created based on the upload for that week. The top 1000 with uploads gets 2 points and the top 10,000 user gets 1 point Likewise, each month, where users in the top20000 get 1 point, those in the top1000 get 2, those in the top100 get 3, those in the top10 get 4, and the top 5. The point you get does not depend on what your rank is. The weekly top list is reset weekly, the monthly is reset monthly,by these points you can buy different items from market







TOP 10




Pre-times 8
Speed 8
Content 8.5
Community 7.5
Overall 8