BeyondHD | BHD | HD | 2017 Review

Tracker Name BeyondHD
Tracker Genre Movies / HD
Tracker Type 0.10 Ratio required
Tracker URL
Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only - Open Rarely
Bonus System yes
Maintaining Ratio Easy/Medium
Tracker IRC Network : Channels : #beyondhd, #bhd_announce, #bhd_invite, #bhd_support
Banned Countries None
Total Torrents 20884
Total Members 6633

Tracker Description

BeyondHD is the one of the best ratio free HD private trackers where all files are top quality and they don't take much time to release new torrents. They have more than 20K torrents in different sections : movies, music and TV. They used to have great internal team like SC4R and LEGi0N who left and built their own trackers. The main internal team is FraMeSToR who provide Remuxes and 1080p encodes. The Nightripper internal team provides 720p encodes. Blurays and the standard scene TV and movie releases are also available. Seeding rules are all torrents must be seeded to 1:1 ratio or 120 Hours (5 Days), within 14 Days.Community is great and helpful. Interface is simple, stylish, well organised and in English. Speeds are very good with their internal releases. You can't go wrong if you just stick to BeyondHD as your source for toquality HD encodes.

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Tracker Rating

Speed 8/10
Content 7.5/10
Pre-Time 8/10
Overall Experience 8/10