Name BakaBT | BBT
Category Anime
Type Ratio-Based
Initial Year 2003 | 2009
Getting In Hard
Signup Closed
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents ~15,500
Registered Users 65,600
Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy
Banned Countries No
IRC Channel #BakaBT
IRC Support #bakabt-support


BakaBT is a private BitTorrent tracker, focused on East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) content. BakaBT became a private tracker on April 11th, 2017. It is the largest anime-dedicated private trackers around. BakaBT started 2003, originally known as Boxtorrents, its staff founded BakaBT in 2009 after discovering that the founder Box was profiting off of website donations. In May 2010 BakaBT was a target of a large DDoS attack. It was a semi-private tracker website before it changed to a private tracker model.


With ~65,500 registered users BakaBT is the largest private anime tracker around. BakaBT is tracking ~15,500 Torrents with 0 unseeded, there are many active members always searching for the best quality material to be able to archive them in the best possible quality over many years and maybe many decades in the future. BakaBT used to have a blacklist but it has been removed recently. The members are very active in the Forums, and the encoders/uploads are always testing source material for creating the best encodes. You can find a very large number of beautiful tracker banners created by the BBT members They have banner contests each year during holiday seasons.

What makes BakaBT different?

There are many anime torrent sites but BakaBT is unique in the quality of content. The goal is to provide torrents only for completed anime or anime-related material and only the best versions. Public submissions are not accepted, only Power Users and Power Uploaders may do so and are able to make an upload offer. All submissions are thoroughly checked before they are added to the ever-growing list of series; ever-growing as even old torrents are still seeded. The mantra in short: quality over quantity, and ease-of-use. BakaBT exists because of its users; old content is still available because of the many dedicated seeders who provide the members with good download speeds, so returning the favour is a must.

Sign up

Sign ups are currently closed, so if you are currently without an account or your account has been pruned, you will be unable to use BakaBT from now on. There will be a system set in its place, either invite or applications or something similar a bit down the line.

I used tulim's description from the 2017 review and edited/removed some parts





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