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Name AVG
Category Games
Tracker Type Ratio-Based
Initial Year 2014
Getting In Easy
Signup Closed | Invites Only
Bonus Points Yes
Torrents 5,079 (43,302 TB)
Registered Users 10,336
Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy
Banned Countries No

Tracker Description

  • Audio Video Games (AVG) is a russian private torrent tracker for Video Games and the internal tracker for multiple release groups.

  • AVG started in 2014, since then the tracker reached over 10,000 users and more than 5,000 torrents, the community is active in the forums (included in the main page) and while the number of torrents isn't that huge, AVG offers some interesting Games Packs with hundreds of GBs, an interesting collection of new and old games and from many well known release groups like Reloaded, Prophet, Codex, Plaza, CPY and others, there is also a good selection of GOG games, overall it is easy to find some good torrents and entertainment for gamers.

  • With a lot of freeleech torrents (100% for golden coins, 50% for silver coins) and a bonus system for upload credits or global freeleech for 24 hours maintaining a good ratio is very easy and also a very good reason to have this tracker. New Users start with 10GB upload. The number of leechers for each torrents strongly varies just like on other trackers, for good upload/many leechers it is recommended to get some popular torrents.

  • The interface is a mix of roman (english) and cyrillic (russian), unfortunately this is a reason the instant translation won't always work as it should for each page, it is possible for some, but not for others - especially searching any categories seems to be impossible if you are not familiar with cyrillic script, but as the main focus for content is only based on games, it might not be a problem, as it is possible to use the search function to find the right games. Navigating through the AVG homepage is still very easy, the tabs for the different sections have some uncommon names, e.g. 'Orders' for Requests or 'Tracker' fo the torrent page.

  • AVG has good content, active members and many freeleech torrents, even if there are game related trackers with more content, it is worth to have a look. The tracker is just 3 years old and probably will continue to grow in the future.


Content 7,0
Speed | Seeded Content 5,5
Interface | Design 6,0
Community 7,5
Overall Experience 6,5


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